Saturday, February 5, 2011

24.1-5.2.11 Chipopo Monkey - based on Chimu Hamada's Monkey & Betsi Brunson's Banana

Daffi's brother had 3 monkey dolls. One day, when he grew up and had to leave the country, he gave to Daffi one of them to take care of. Daffi keeps the monkey in her car and one day when she picked me up I saw this adorable monkey. I also wanted a monkey for poupik, so I started burrowing Ravelry and above is the result of the very fun project it became. Omer just loves Chipopo!

I added the banana, based on the free instructions of the ”Amigurumi Monkey with Banana”.

The V shape on the front head was done by 11sc on the first brown round of the Monkey head and then decreasing to 9st, 7st, 5st, 3st, 3st, 2st and 1st. The decreases where done in the beginning and end of the rows (2sc dec). It came out a kind of hanging triangle that I attached through the last sc st, by sl-st and then sl-st the 2 triangle edges that were lying on the face.

The legs, the arms and the tail were all stuffed during the work and some parts also contain some French Franc coins :-)

In the legs part, at Round2, I replaced the 3rd st with a 4 trebble bobble st.
In order to make symmetric legs, when I made the Right leg, I crocheted Round 5 as follow: 10sc, (2sc dec)x4 and Round 6: 6sc, (2sc dec)X4.

Got inspired by the beautiful monkey done by Kala’s Valentine’s Monkey.

Real cool project!

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