Thursday, November 6, 2008

6.11.08 Tatting and a fun day

I had today an intensive and very fun day with my beaders friends and later on also with my best highschool friend.

My friend Pnina taught me how to do Tatting with a needle and the needles from the USA are already on the way. We went to a nice restaurant and met a very special woman who unveiled to us all crochet essentials! I don't know crochet yet (except the crochet beaded spiral) but the best would be to learn it from someone who really knows it well. (An additional craft in my "to do" list or more accurately "to learn" list...).

Back to the tatting technique, I find it a bit too "antique" for me, but I think that using colourful threads can make fabulous jewelry out of it.

I am impatient to practice it. Meanwhile, I tried to use the shuttle I had bought some time ago, but it is a bit complicated and I am not sure I got it right...

You won't usually see my "half works", but here is an exception :-)

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