Monday, October 6, 2008

6.10.08 Isalandra Bracelet for Pierrette

Remember my orpheline Isalala Cabochon (designed by Pencio)? Thanks to my dear aunt Pierrette, it has found a new home: the round lace bracelet designed by the dear talented artist Sandra D. Halpenny.
How was this connection made? I simply showed Pierrette my jewel boxes and she liked the Isalala. When we arrived to the box of my first beaded jewels, we found the round lace bracelets that I did a long time ago. It looked good together and what a joy to finally close a circle! I remade a new bracelet in almost the same colours as about a year ago, only that this time I used the fireline thread and also a magnetic clasp. I attached the cabochon to the lace and Voilalala la Isalandra!

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